The Litany of School Worries

School is back in session and whether your child or children attend a public school, a private school, a charter school or you homeschool, I think we can all relate to the anxiety that creeps in as the school year begins.  It starts like the simple banana left in the lunchbox, which was forgotten at school on Friday.  It sits for the weekend, untouched, but as the days go on, the mold begins to fester and the smell is overwhelming, as you open up the lunchbox on Monday after school. 

For me, the list of reasons to worry about the upcoming year, seem to be growing.  It's become a litany if you will, and not the kind I prefer to pray.

  • Will they make new friends?
  • Will they stay on task?
  • Will they fall behind? 
  • Will they learn how to read?
  • Will I be able to teach them their multiplication facts?
  • Will they listen to their teachers? 
  •  What if they forget their lunchbox, will anyone share with them? 
  • Do I want other kids sharing their food with them?
  • Will anyone notice that they have last year’s socks on?
  • Will they get bullied? 
  • Will they get into college? 
  • Will they get a job that fulfills them?
  • Will they be able to provide for themselves?
  • Will they live with me till they're 30?
  • Will I want them to live with me till they're 30?

In the end many of these fears seem, for the time being, to be a far off problem, after all my oldest is only a 5th grader, but the school year always gets my fear wheels turning.  Apparently the new word I need to learn this year is detachment.  Detachment from all the fears of the things I can control and especially of the things I can't control.  Detachment from the worries of my children's future and what they'll turn into when they grow up.  I even need to detach from my inability to detach.  It comes down to my trust, another word I don't do well with.  I will beg my children's guardian angels to protect them. I will beg the Lord to watch over them and I will hope they each make the good choices, I've tried to teach them to make.  Whatever or whoever they become is out of my hands.  I can only make sure they have a good breakfast to start their day and some snacks to keep them going.  But trust me when I say, they'll still be wearing last school year's socks for as long as they can go before they get holes in the heels. Hopefully their college admittance board won't hold it against them!


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