The Magic of Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve!

I absolutely love Christmas! I love the yummy breakfast, the coffee that tastes even better than normal, the surprise on my loved ones face when they open their gifts, and the magical feeling I feel in the depths of my heart. I love birthdays in general, but celebrating Christ’s birthday is my FAVORITE.

I love thinking about those first little moments between Christ and Mary, like when locked eyes for the first time. I always imagine Christ as a chunky baby, small, and perfect. Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on your baby? Was it not the most magical and perfect moment ever? For me, it was euphoric and perfect. Yes, I was tired. Yes, I felt EVERY ache and discomfort in the wake of child birth, but it was PERFECT. We know the answer to that age old question from a certain Christmas song, that Mary DID in fact know all that she needed to know about Christ from the moment he was conceived. Imagine the wonder with which she beheld Him for the very first time. Those first moments as a family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, must have been so perfectly sacred and sweet. And if you are pregnant during this time, it is even MORE special! I loved being able to relate to Mary in such a unique way! I loved resting my hand on my tummy as I heard the Gospel reading about her own experience of birth.

We get to celebrate doubly in our home because my husband is a Christmas baby! He was born on Christmas Day, and so we spend the morning celebrating Christ and the afternoon celebrating my husband.
I know that as moms, we can get overly stressed about the Christmas. We worry about gifts, groceries, gleaming floors, and perfect cookies. I urge you to take this day, and the days that follow, and just enjoy the little moments. I’m working at letting go of those trivial concerns and focus on spending quiet time with my boys and my husband. I hope you find time in the busy-ness of today to just sit with your loved ones and spend TIME with them.

We, as A Mom Revolution, want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! No matter how busy today is, rest assured you are an amazing mother and we are praying for you.

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