Is It Christmas Vacation Yet?

Is It Christmas Vacation Yet?


How many of you have school age children? I include preschool in school age too, since there is a school routine and schedule associated with their lives. Even though we homeschool, we still live by the school calendar because we are part of a public charter school and we are required to school 180 days as well. This year our school vacation doesn’t start until December 21st! It might as well be Christmas Eve as far as I’m concerned. My kids and done and I’m done! Our school year started off really well, we were getting our work done in a good amount of time and for the most part, the moods were good, but November hit and it’s been a struggle ever since. It’s been a busy season in our personal lives as well so that doesn’t help the stress level. Everyone is tired, everyone is drained, but we still have to learn to read and divide.

I love homeschooling and I’m grateful that I have the ability to provide a smaller learning environment for my children; I just need a break and a vacation. Again I’m left with the question of balance, as the activities we have both for work and pleasure have made it so that there is something going on everyday until the 22nd!

I slept in this morning, which didn’t help. Have you ever thought that a little extra rest would be wonderful, only to wake up to a household that hasn’t started their day either because mom wasn’t up to get them going?  I know how long it takes me to get ready, and assumed we’d have enough time before needing to leave for a class.  What I didn’t take into account was that no one else would be ready to leave either, or for that matter, even ready to get dressed and start functioning. I began barking orders, which didn’t help anything and was just met with pushbacks and melting down tantrums. Reflecting later, I wondered if I could have diffused the situation by just slowing down and attending to my children’s problems instead of trying to push past them or hand out consequences. One complained because they couldn’t find their backpack, another was mad because there was no more conditioner in the shower. The conditioner seemed like a petty thing to me, I’m out of conditioner too.  I figured, just get over it and move on, tantruming about it wasn’t going to make more conditioner suddenly appear, but my child was not on the same page with me. It spiraled into a meltdown over crazy hair and a refusal to get dressed and leave for school. Motherhood is hard in those moments when classes or appointments start at a certain time, and getting out the door on time seems nothing short of a miracle. Maybe I need to be less concerned with being on time and more concerned with empathizing and listening. I struggle with that because I don’t like being late or looking bad to other people. God continues to provide me opportunities to grow and learn. I’m hoping that maybe during the next meltdown, I’ll actually try out these ideas of slowing down and being empathetic.

I’m just really looking forward to a break from the rat race of schedules. I’m hoping that we don’t jam pack our vacation. I’m hoping maybe I can find a project to do around the house or finally print those million pictures I have on my phone.

How are things in your household? What are you planning to do during vacation? And how are you coping with these last weeks of school?

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