Celebrating The Triduum With Kids

I wasn’t raised Catholic, so as I’ve mentioned before, Easter was about the See’s chocolate bunny and a ham dinner. Now that I’m Catholic and raising my own children, I am learning to live the liturgical seasons and make them tangible for my own children.

Over the years I’ve found a variety of ways to celebrate, but I wanted to share four that our family loves!

1.   Acting out the Stations of the Cross in the backyard: We have a circle walkway of cement, where I mark the number of the stations in chalk. We find a piece of wood that the kids (or my husband) can carry as a representation of the cross. We stop at each number and reenact the station. My daughter makes sure to drape some clothes over her to represent the weeping women. A few Dollar Tree fake soldier costumes come in handy for my youngest boys! It’s a nice way to experience the stations and some quality family time.

2.   Holy Thursday - Washing Our Kids Feet: Self explanatory :) We’ve all washed our kids for bath time, but we do this as a unique experience. Modeled after the washing of the feet at church, my husband and I show our children that we are here to serve them as Christ came to serve and not to be served. I didn’t believe how impactful it would be for my children. My son didn’t quite know how to react. My son kept trying to wash my feet, instead of letting me wash his feet. Side note: my friend’s husband washed her feet at their wedding reception, so I suggest we also wash our spouse’s feet and vice versa in front of our children.

3.   Sunday Resurrection Biscuits: I’m sure I found this on a website, most likely Catholic Icing. Grab one of those biscuit containers and a bag of marshmallows. Take the marshmallow and wrap it in a biscuit. The marshmallow represents Christ and we place him in the tomb. We cover the tomb with olive oil to represent the burial oils they rubbed on Christ. The big surprise is that the marshmallow melts in the oven and when the kids open up the biscuit, “Jesus” is gone!

4.   Easter Sunday confetti eggs: While this one isn’t religious, it provides lots of entertainment! This is a tradition from my husband’s Mexican family. Eggs are filled with confetti and are cracked over unsuspecting Easter party guests! For the weeks leading up to Easter, we get double use out of our morning eggs - breakfast and fun! Crack the top part of the egg and pull off just the top piece. Stuff the egg with confetti paper. I use the scraps from my three-hole puncher or from the paper shredder! Once the eggs are stuffed, make an X using scotch tape to cover the top of the egg. Each Easter guest gets a dozen eggs and we go to town attacking each other on the grass! Make sure to grab the camera; flying confetti makes for great Easter celebratory pictures!

Holy Thursday is next week, so share your Triduum traditions with us! How do you celebrate the season with your kiddos? Share the ways to live the celebration!

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