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Being a mom can be a challenging transition in many ways. I am an extrovert, and if you know me, you know I love me some quality time with a lot of talking. A LOT. I also love reading, and learning, and watching shows or films that are uplifting. Having 3 kids in 3 1/2 years has put a little dent in those pastimes that I love, but I have found little ways to work around that while also nursing, cooking, changing diapers, and playing referee with my 2 older boys who are hell-bent on becoming WWE wrestlers someday.

So I wanted to share some things I am listening to in case you are anything like me and want to expand your mind in the midst of feeling like you are losing it. Mom brain is real, and with the added sleep deprivation, I have a short attention span, and need things that are fairly short, can capture my attention and impart little nuggets of wisdom here and there. I have compiled a short list of some of my favorite podcasts just for you! I hope you check out some (or all) of the things on my list! Share with me some of your favorites as well!!

.If any of my suggestions don’t suit your fancy, I highly recommend you look for podcasts that are interesting to you! I find them to be a great way to learn while doing something at the same time. Most of my recommendations are geared towards Catholic parenting, BUT I do have a lot that are not, so check them all out and share them with your friends!

  1. Abiding Together

    Abiding together is hosted by Sr. Mariam James, Michelle Benzinger, and Heather Khym and they are AMAZING. They are all friends who met in college, and have been through a lot of life together. They all have such wisdom about the Church, and are vulnerable and open in sharing in their own struggles. This is not a podcast specific to parents, literally anyone can listen and get something out of it. I find myself saying things like, “PREACH, SISTER!” or just saying,”MMMMHMMMM” while listening to them as I prep dinner or clean the bathroom. I am sure this is weird to my 3 1/2 year old, but whatever. They are awesome, funny, and will definitely make you rethink your approach to life (in a good way)!

  2. Girlfriends with Danielle Bean

    This is another podcast that is not parent specific. Danielle is so honest, funny, and clearly seeking holiness. She tackles different topics every week, and always has great insight and wonderful personal stories to share. I LOVE HER. I saw her speak a couple years ago at a women’s conference here in Phoenix, and have loved her ever since. She challenges me to think about how I am approaching my motherhood, marriage, and life in general. She is also an author and I have read a number of her books. I will add a couple to my Favorite Things The Books list in the future.

  3. A Messy Family Project

    Mike and Alicia Hernon have 10 kids and CRAZY AMOUNTS OF WISDOM! They tackle all sorts of topics regarding marriage and family life, all in the scope of our Catholic faith. They have a sweet rapport and are funny together, which makes the podcast fun to listen to. They also share a lot of their failures and shortcomings as parents, as well as different practical approaches to parenting. Which I need! Give me all the advice! They also don’t mess around when it comes to calling the listener to holiness, and challenging the idea of complacency in family life. I really REALLY love them! They remind me that the divine is found in the mundane.

  4. Fountains of Carrots

    Haley Stewart and Christy Isinger are the BEST. Imagine having your girlfriends over with a cup of coffee and chatting about books, family life, faith, and pop culture. This is that podcast. They have great guests on, they are funny and honest, and although they are both moms, this podcast is for everyone. They are both brilliant, and I find myself gravitating towards their takes on living out our faith and family life, and often read the books they suggest or discuss on the podcast. They also home school so if that is your jam, they have great insight on that as well! They are also both so great on Instagram, you should definitely follow both of them @haleycarrots and @christyisinger.

  5. Diapers and Disciples

    Amber O’Hearn hosts this podcast and I love it! She is a fellow NET Alumni, and she has the MOST soothing voice and calming spirit! She has great guests on her show, and is really creative and thoughtful with her questions. I feel like she is learning right along with the listener and I really love that. I highly recommend this one, especially if you have little kids!

  6. Coffee & Pearls

    Sterling Jaquith hosts this short 15 min podcast and the time alone makes me love it. I can listen when I have a short chore to do, or am driving a short distance and wanna make it count. She shares her thoughts on life, faith, kids, marriage, and she is a no bull type of woman, which I LOVE. She calls it like she sees it, and is always challenging me to stop whining and become a Saint. She also creates a lot of free resources for people who need help reaching goals. She is also a convert to the Catholic faith so she has great insight about that as well! Check her out!

Well, there you have it! I love these podcasts and hope that you check them out. I have a few more, but these are the main ones I wanted to share with you today! Please share what podcasts help you with motherhood, faith, and life in general! I would love to give all your suggestions a listen!

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