Babies, Rest, and Summer Breaks

I missed my blog deadline last week. That has never happened, in our first year of A Mom Revolution! I not only missed the deadline, I totally forgot all about it, until Courtney, my co-founder, lovingly reminded me of what day of the week it was. I felt awful, but soon realized that I was just gonna have to skip a week because of all the other things on my plate. I was helping with a big event at our parish, my mom is in town, my many doctor appointments, and running the house, while hugely pregnant, all took precedence.

I wanted to think- “I can do all! I don’t need to rethink my summer! I have another 6 weeks before baby is born, I can totally make all of this happen!”

But the reality is that I can’t. Not without something falling through the cracks. I know me. I know what I am capable of, and more importantly, I know what I am NOT capable of. So after some prayer and chatting with Courtney, I have decided to take a short break from A Mom Revolution. Not a permanent break, a temporary break until sometime in August.

Primarily this break comes as we have learned that I will need to be induced a few weeks early, due to some health issues, and for the health and safety of baby girl Cantu. Like I mentioned before, my mom is in town until after baby is born so that she can help me with our little boys, and then help Walther and I with the new baby as we transition to a family of 5. I have had all my favorite childhood meals, and laughed a great deal with my mom over coffee in the last 2 weeks, so don’t feel TOO bad for me!

I just know that this time to prep for labor is really important. I need rest, and calm before the whirlwind of labor and a new baby in my arms. This baby is our first girl, and I am a little nervous but also crazy excited to have the balance of estrogen tipped slightly in my favor.

Thankfully Courtney is wonderfully supportive, and she will continue to blog regularly throughout the summer. I will periodically jump on our Instagram account to catch up with you all, and promote Courtney’s blogs, and ask advice on all levels of motherhood. Follow us @AMomRevolution!

You will be in my prayers! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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