Lent has begun, and I am trying to focus on my prayer life. Not only because some days feel like I am running a marathon I didn’t know I entered, but because I NEED JESUS. My prayer life has not been consistent for a long time. Some days I am able to sit in prayer, soak up God’s goodness, and KNOW His love intimately. Other times, weeks go by and I don’t sit and pray at all. I know that “survival mode” can make it nearly impossible to pray, and sometimes I think that because I am in the throes of that, I can use that as an excuse.

“Lord, I have a 3 year old, and 18 month old, and am pregnant. You understand why a nap is more important that spending time with you, right?” OR “Lord, I am just going to close my eyes for a moment and then I will spend time with you.”

Sound familiar?

I am definitely not trying to discredit survival mode and the need for naps at all, some seasons in life we need to rest more than others, and survival mode is DEFINITELY one of those seasons. But never at the expense of our prayer life. I am working on turning my life and work into prayer. Each day, slowly, offering up the dishes for a friend in need, or praying while I change another diaper. These are also valid ways to enter into the sacred when life is busy. However, this Lent, I would challenge you, and me, to really carve out time for prayer. Even if it is just 10 minutes of quiet time, to spend that time quietly at the feet of Jesus.

Prayer is always a calling, but the Church in her wisdom makes prayer especially important during Lent. Our parish, and probably yours too, provides so many opportunities for prayer, be it Stations of the Cross, Daily Mass, Daily Rosary, or prayer groups and Lenten Missions. All of these are great ways to enter into the season of Lent. If you just cannot get to any of the things happening in your parish, fear not! Jesus wants to come into your home and spend time with you at any time of day or night. I simply urge you to make that happen.

I am in the same boat. I struggle with prayer, and often when sitting in prayer, I have to read whatever resource I am using several times because I am simultaneously making the grocery list, or thinking of what else needs to get done before dinner. We need to give the Lord ALL of our attention when we sit at His feet. I am reading a wonderful little book for the 100x called Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. This little gem is reminding me that God is ever present, so even when I fail to sit at His feet, He is present. That does not mean I don’t need to make that effort, but it DOES mean that I am never alone in my challenges, and that He eagerly awaits to sit with me and lavish grace and love on me. He wants to do that for you too.

What are some ways that you are trying to encounter Christ in your prayer life? What tips do you have to carve out that time? Share with me! I need all the help I can get! Praying for you, dear sisters. Lent can be hard, but the Lord is ever present with you and is waiting for you to turn your gaze to Him. Let us try to sit at the feet of the Lord together, so that we can give and be the best for our families and ourselves.

Diana CantuComment