Holding Down The Fort

We’re coming off of a wonderful, restful, long vacation and getting back into the routine of work and school. My husband is a schoolteacher and so I have been spoiled by having him home during the holidays. Now I’m bracing myself for him returning to work.

I’m not sure about your homes, but in our home, my husband’s work schedule can get crazy. During certain seasons of his job, like the fall marching band season, his work requires him to be at school for late night practices and Saturday rehearsals.  When our children were little it was wearing on me because I felt like I was “on duty” for the whole day.  I was responsible for the kids from when they woke up, until when they went to bed.  As our children have gotten older, they’ve been able to take care of themselves more.  They cook their own breakfast, help with chores around the house like cleaning their rooms and the bathroom and sorting laundry.  Now as the children are older, there might be less domestic needs at home, no diapers J but now my children have their own schedules and the needs have switched to help with school and getting them to their various activities.  Regardless of my children’s needs, someone has to be there to hold down the fort. 

How many of you can relate to holding down the fort, while your spouse is at work?  I believe it’s something that both moms and dads can experience. Sometimes it isn’t related to our spouses working either.  For example, one night a week, I have a women’s group at church and my husband is home getting our kids ready for bed.  What are your tricks for holding down the fort?  How do you find time for self care? What chores for your fort, do you pass onto your other family members? How can we come together as mothers to help each other hold down our forts? I vote we move back to more community based living. I’m a big fan of “it takes a village.” Is there a friend you know who could just really use a meal dropped off. I was sick a few months ago, and a friend dropped off a pizza. I was SO thankful and I realized that we don’t have to just wait for babies to send a meal. What about picking up some groceries. Ordering online now, means that your friend could order and all you have to do is pick up their order and drop it at their house. Sometimes I even think about having a friend come over while I fold laundry or I call a friend while I clean the house. It makes the housework so much more enjoyable to be engaging while cleaning. I fill my heart and clean my house!

I’m also trying something new, feel free to join me, if I’m working on holding down my fort, rather than getting overly stressed and feeling spent, I’m going to try reaching out and asking for help to hold down my fort. Tonight, my husband was taking our son to basketball practice. I was supposed to be home with our other kids, doing bedtime. It had been a really long day and I wanted to go to the gym. I asked my husband to take the other kids to practice with him so I could go to the gym. I felt guilty that my kids weren’t getting in bed at the right time, but I knew it had been 3 busy days at my house and I needed a break. I’ve been holding down the fort and I needed to replenish myself to keep holding it down tomorrow. I went back and forth feeling guilty and feeling thankful I took care of myself. In the end, no matter how busy or hard it may be to hold down the fort, I just pray I can be thankful for having a fort to hold down and children to have inside of it.

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