The Taxi Driver

I don’t remember applying to be a taxi driver. I feel like most moms can relate to being a taxi driver. All the smaller, non-licensed people in our homes have to get places, and hitchhiking doesn’t seem to be a safe choice anymore, so they have to rely on someone to take them to these places. Some have to be at school, others have sports or scouting, or any number of the endless options of extracurricular activities that our American culture offers. When I think of the places we go, I also need to mention trips to the doctor or dentist, as well as visits to their friend’s houses. Inevitably there is a school event that was forgotten in the schedule and someone has to rush to the store to buy last minute cookies for the fundraiser. It can seem like some days, we spend more time in our cars than we do in our actual houses.

I could spend my time ranting about running around, but this year I’m choosing a new approach to my take on taxi driving (no guarantee how long this new outlook will last.) This year I am going to be thankful for the activities that my children are blessed to participate in. I’m going to remind them about gratitude for the gifts we have in our lives, instead of complaining about always running around. I am also working on setting boundaries for myself, to ensure self-care, so I will try to be realistic about what events our family can and cannot participate in. I’m wondering about how I can change our car trips as well. What do you do to ensure quality family time in the car? We love listening to Christian radio and we’ve also gotten hooked on Magic Tree House books on CD. When we used to drive to school each morning, I’d start our morning prayer time as we pulled out of the driveway and gave each person a chance to offer intentions and prayer requests.

So let’s bring our revolution into the car. Let’s bring joy back to taxi driving. It might sound simple, or even silly, but since we spend so much time running around, I feel like this is an area that we need to reclaim with joy. Let’s brainstorm together! What are ways we can enjoy our time in the car? How can we take advantage of our car time to grow closer to our kids? What are your thoughts about bringing joy in taxi driving? Let’s start a conversation!


Courtney Vallejo2 Comments