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 I remember vividly one of the major moments that made me want to do something positive for moms. I had read an article about this woman who had gone viral for writing about how much she regretted having children. I do not remember the details, but I do remember that she had grown children and that she felt that they had brought her so many challenges, and that she had forgotten who she was. The article made me weep as I nursed my little, at the time, newborn Emilio. I felt so bad for the author of the article, how lonely she must have felt for all those years, finding little joy in her children and her life. I felt so sad for her children, praying that they would somehow never get their hands on that article. If my mother had written, in detail, about how much she regretted having me, I would be utterly heartbroken. 

The thing is I do not judge this woman for writing about motherhood in such a negative light. I do not know a great deal about her situation, and I do not know who she is, deep in her heart. But what I DO know, is that God created us for motherhood, be it physical, adoptive, or spiritual, and He desires us to experience joy through that gift. Reading her article made me feel a sense of urgency to encourage mothers. We need that from one another. I know it can be hard to ask for help but we will never get that encouragement or support if we don't reach out and ask for it. If someone turns you down, or rejects your request, reach out to someone else. KEEP REACHING OUT. There are way too many mothers who are suffering from loneliness, Post Partum Depression, Anxiety, rage, and isolation. We need others to remind us of the incredible gift we have been given when we are sleep deprived and cannot recall what day of the week it is, and help us to feel less alone. Sometimes just having someone validate our feelings is enough to help us buck up and get through the rest of the day. 

I know that motherhood is hard. Recently I had one of those days where I was so exhausted, so depleted, both boys were cranky and I was feeling run down. We had a Doctor app, I got both very aggravated boys into the car and on the way I ran over something that dislodged a part under our car and started dragging. It was POURING rain that day. I pulled over and looked under the car, sure enough, a piece of something was half attached to the car and half dragging on the concrete. I was SOAKED when I got back in the car. It was only 9am. All I wanted was a tub of Nutella. I texted my husband and vented all about my intense morning. He said that he had prayed for me that morning, and that he would continue to pray. He said that his daily prayer was that I would have the grace I need to deal with the boys and for everything else that may be thrown my way. I felt like just KNOWING that my husband was praying for me and lifting me up to the Lord in that way gave me the extra encouragement that I needed to get through the rest of the day. And it turned out to be a VERY LONG DAY.

Reaching out can be as simple as that! If your husband is more of a “fixer” than a listener, reach out to your mom friends! I am grateful for the many people, especially the moms in my life, including my own, who encourage me NON-STOP. They send me great stories and funny memes that remind me that we are in this together, no matter how crazy it can feel sometimes.  My hope and prayer for you today is that you reach out, whether it is to encourage a mom, or to ask for prayer and encouragement, please reach out. I also encourage you to pray for that woman who wrote that article, her children, and all women who feel like she does about her God given gift. We all deserve to know the joy and goodness of God through the treasure of Motherhood. 

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