Take Time To Breath

A few weeks after my second child was born, my husband came home from work and took our little ones into the play room and said, "Go relax a little while." I agreed and decided that I was going to take this coveted time and take a nice long shower. As I prepped my shower, I was trying to recall the last time I had taken a shower. I could not remember. By my estimate, it had about 10 days ago, but try as I might I could NOT REMEMBER.

Isn't that motherhood in a nutshell? We cannot remember the last time we took a shower, but there are groceries for the week in the fridge, and most of the laundry is done. Many times without meaning to, we just ignore what we might need because we have others that have more pressing and urgent needs. I know there is a lot of talk about self care these days, and some people think that self care is only for those who have created lives for themselves that require an "escape". I would challenge that idea and say that we need self care because sometimes we are so busy loving and serving others, that we forget about ourselves. It has nothing to do with "escaping" as much as it has to do with carving out time to breath a bit. It does not have to be a long bath with candles and wine, although I do love that idea. It can be a small thing we allow time for on a daily basis. For me daily self care takes the form of a cup of tea. Every day when the boys nap, I brew a cup of my favorite tea and sit. Sometimes I will read, write, or check Facebook. However, most days, I just sit quietly and enjoy the sounds of the ocean that come from the sound machine that we use during nap time. Yes, a vacation to a tropical place with the ACTUAL ocean and a huge rum based cocktail would be amazing for my self care, but the reality is that I only need a little alone time with no one touching me. Even if the laundry is not folded yet, or the kitchen is a disaster, I still take that time for myself every day. I find that after about 20 minutes I feel much more refreshed and ready for the second half of my day, and I would really encourage you to find what you need. Maybe the thought of self care seems selfish to you, like the kids are napping and you cannot relax with a pile of laundry that you need to fold. Ok, go ahead and fold that laundry, but maybe put on headphones and listen to your favorite music, podcast, or watch your favorite show while you do that task. Try to add little things to your daily life that will help refresh you. Recently I have also started to read books that I have been collecting over the years in the hopes that one day I would have all this uninterrupted time to read, but since I do not see that happening for about 20 years I started reading bits and pieces during my quiet time. However that self care takes shape, as long as it is health, DO IT!

Moms have a tendency to feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. Early on in my motherhood I decided I would not be one of those moms. I would not feel guilty for eating the last cookie, or sleeping in on the weekends when my husband is able to tend to the kids in the early hours of the morning. I won't feel guilty for carving out time for me because I want to give my children the mom they deserve, and I can't be that if I am not taking care of myself too. After all, I am the only one who can give my children a happy mom.

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