Mothering Without a Mother

July 23rd is big day in my life - A Mom Revolution officially launched it's website. The Revolution is beginning to grow.  It's also a life changing day for me, as it's the day my own mother died.  She dies shortly after I graduated college, and to say it's never stopped affecting me is probably an understatement.  I've been good at ignoring the pain, some days, staying busy to ignore it and then other days melting down and letting it sink in.  As I spent my early adult life figuring out how to navigate this life, what I didn't stop to consider was how I would parent without a mother.  I've been blessed over the years with amazing women who have stepped in and cared for me as their own, but there's always a hole that can't get filled, and honestly I don't think I want it filled.  So today I'm hoping that she's in heaven, rooting for me from the sidelines with her sword drawn and matching face paint.  She showed me what real motherhood was, she showed me how to love unconditionally while still letting me know that I was not stepping foot in her house with that new college piercing.  So here's to our mothers.  Those who are here with us, those who are praying for us, and those we may have never met.  And may our Mother Mary always show us the true meaning of a mother. 

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Image Credit: Copyright 2018 Courtney Vallejo. All Rights Reserved.