Why a Revolution Part 2

The day my first son was born was one of the most incredible days of my life, eclipsed only by my wedding day, and followed 19 months later by ANOTHER incredible day, the birth of our second son. I learned quickly that motherhood, more than any other adventure in my life, was going to require an extraordinary love. I read tons of books, articles, and blogs, and spent most days looking at my "milestones" app worrying about if my oldest was hitting those in an "appropriate" amount of time. I found that most of the things I was reading only made me MORE anxious. I felt like I was not finding what I needed. Encouragement. Inspiration. The reminder that joy in motherhood is there even when I do not FEEL it is there because I am getting up to nurse the baby...again. 

So I turned to the only thing I knew that could help, prayer. And that prayer led me to my girlfriends. Mothers that had a little more experience under their belts, or that at the VERY least, had great senses of humor, to help me laugh when I wanted to cry. Those women, mothers who loved God deeply, and knew motherhood longer than me, lifted me up. They encouraged my via text messages at 2 am when they too were nursing their babies. They inspired me with the ease with which they welcomed each day, come what may. They made me reflect on my own two little rambunctious blessings, and turn to Christ and give him each day. 

Now with a TINY bit more experience, I began to think of those new moms, or moms who were just plain worn out. Single moms who have little to no support, and moms who wake up day after day feeling defeated. I wanted to wrap my arms around them, cry with them, laugh with them, make them coffee. Copious amounts of coffee. Because no one knows the intense love and challenges like a fellow mom. It does not matter what "camp" people are set up in, nursing or bottle, working at home or working outside the home, organic food only mamas or chicken nugget mamas...we are moms. We hold our babies close when they are sick, we are referees, and nurses, we are tickle monsters, and cooks. We are advocates, and cheer leaders, and comfort when the world is harsh. Those labels that we put on ourselves, or that the world puts on us, are pointless when we are rocking our children to sleep, or reading them their favorite book for the thousandth time. I began to think, what if there was a place that moms could go and just feel good?? What if I could share just a little bit of the love and encouragement that I receive from my own tribe? What if we created a place where moms could go and not get ANOTHER list of things they "should" be doing, but just a place to laugh, reflect, and feel encouraged?! How amazing would that be?

Enter A Mom Revolution. 

This is NOT a "How to" website, because once Courtney and I started talking about what we wanted to give to moms, we realized that we did not know "how to" DO anything. Can't get your baby to sleep? ME EITHER! We are winging it, just like you. Every day is new and it comes with all the fun things that little people bring. 

No, this is a Revolution of Love. A Revolution of Encouragement. A Revolution of JOY. We are moms and what a beautiful honor to be someone's mother! Is it hard? YES. Sometimes I look at both boys as they gleefully pull every book off the shelf when I LITERALLY JUST PUT THEM BACK and think, "Lord Jesus give me the strength I need!!!" But I remember my sisters out there, fellow mamas, and share the story and usually get so many great stories in return, that reminds me I am not alone. And YOU are not alone. That is why we are here! So that when you are up nursing at 2 am, you can be encouraged and uplifted by something you read here, on A Mom Revolutuion and you can remember that you are not alone. We are with you. You are doing great, mama.

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