The Gathering Table

Blessings Part 1

November is a wonderful time for us to take stock of what we are grateful for, and I wanted to share some of those things with you throughout the month! As I reflected on the many blessings in my life, I found that one simple thing that I am grateful for is my dining room table. So many things happen at a dining table. Lively discussions, beautiful meals, disagreements, reconciliations, games, spilled drinks, not-so-beautiful meals, familial joy.When we went shopping for our table, I imagined the many meals that would take place at this table. I imagined doing homework with the kids, celebrating birthdays, having Sunday dinners, and doing art projects on this table.

That might seem silly to you, but to me, a dining table is very important. Our dining space is in the center of our home, and in order to get to almost any room in our house, you have to walk through it. I loved the idea of having this gathering place in the center of our house. I love decorating the table for each season, and serving something I made with love at this table.

So many of the Gospel stories take place during a meal, or around a table. I love that! It’s like Jesus knew that food and gathering was so universal, that He chose to reveal Himself to us through the experience of gathering for a meal. He revealed His most precious gift to us, the Eucharist, during a meal with his disciples.

Our table is stained a very dark color, and with 2 toddlers, it has been a little challenging to keep our table beautiful. Lots of chips in the wood are now visible, and I constantly find random drawings in crayon on chairs, but that just means that our table is well loved.

What are some memories around your dining table that you love? Share them with us! What is something in your home that you are grateful for? It can be something tiny, or something large, or something that others may think is silly, but is special to you. Share with us something that you are grateful for this week!!

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