The Gift of My Husband

Blessings Part 2

“The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for what he is sending us everyday in His goodness.”-St. Gianna Molla

I have been reflecting on all the good things that God sends me in my every day. One of the many ways that I see God’s goodness in my daily life is my wonderful husband, Walther. When I was single, I prayed for a husband that was holier than me. I felt like that was an easy request. When I first met Walther, I knew that he was holier than me, almost instantly. I could just tell that his heart was one that was seeking truth, goodness, and beauty. We fell in love pretty quickly, and started to pray for God’s will in our lives.

We have been married a little over 4 years, and have 2 little boys. Our days are ones full of peaceful routine, I mean as much as 2 toddlers allow. We meal plan together, have monthly date nights, and have dinner every night at 6pm. This may seem mundane, or boring to you, but to me, I see God’s goodness so clearly in our quiet life together.

One of the many ways that God shows me His goodness through my husband is the ways that Walther can bring humor to almost every situation. Both times I was in labor, Walther found ways to make me laugh in between contractions. He makes me laugh first thing in the morning and I am NOT a morning person. He reminds me to not take life too seriously when the kids are going bonkers and I am about to lose it. He has a way of bringing joy into my life on a daily basis. This does not mean that we always agree, or that we never argue. We are a normal couple, but his sense of humor has brought such happiness to our marriage.

Another thing I am grateful for about my husband is his sense of what I need. Recently, I had a very challenging week with the boys. They are 1 and 2 years old, and sometimes they leave me drained and exhausted, and this particular week was more intense than usual. I love this blog, and am writing for another beautiful ministry called Heart of Mary, and sometimes I just don’t have the time that I would like to fulfill my writing deadlines. So one Saturday I let him know that I needed to work on some writing, and I asked if he could keep the kids out of my hair for a little but while I locked myself in our bedroom to write. He packed them up, and took them to the children’s museum for a few hours. He said, “Now you can have the whole house to yourself to write!”

YES. THAT is really what I needed. It was an EXTREMELY productive morning.

Walther is also all about self improvement. He is always hungry to learn ways that we can be better with our finances, healthier in our lifestyle, more productive with our time, more engaging with the kids, more in tune with one another. He is truly a lover of learning. He is a seeker. This has inspired me with a hunger to seek and learn more too.

There are so many things about my husband that I am so grateful for, but the thing that stands out the most is his deep love for God. He is always encouraging me to pray more, to sit at Christ’s feet and behold His face, and to seek God in all things. He prays for me every day, and initiates family prayer on a daily basis. He is striving for holiness. He is the first to gently reprimand me when I am being petty. (I know, shocking.) I love his faith so much. It encourages me in my own walk with the Lord.

I am truly grateful for my husband. We are both very flawed human beings, we fail constantly at being the couple we want to be, but we lift one another up. He is my protector, my friend, my confidant, the man who made me a wife and mother, and the person that inspires me most.

What are qualities that you are thankful for in your husband? What is a way that you can show him how grateful you are for him? Maybe take some time to reflect on his great qualities and write him a love letter. Share your husband stories with us!!

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