A Life of Interruptions

“The great thing, if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one's 'own,' or 'real' life. The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one's real life -- the life God is sending one day by day.” C.S. Lewis

I was so excited to finally clean the storage area in my laundry room. It had been on my list for MONTHS, and I had a free hour, FINALLY! The kids were pretty content, and so I pulled up a chair I could safely stand on, and started to happily declutter and throw away stuff that had somehow ended up where it did not belong.

Suddenly I heard it. The scream of a VERY unhappy child, followed by the screaming of ANOTHER unhappy child. My 1 and 2 year old had gotten into a non-verbal fight about something and they needed mama intervention. I was so annoyed. I thought to myself, “WHY can’t they just stop bothering one another and play so I can clean?! DON’T THEY WANT A CLEAN LAUNDRY ROOM?!?!?”

The answer was apparently, no. When I walked into the room, toys were all over the floor, and both of them were crying and looking at one another with accusatory expressions. I sighed, sat down on the floor and they both climbed into my lap. Instantly they stopped crying. They snuggled there for a few minutes, and then began playing with one another again happily, totally ignoring my presence. They just wanted me in the room for a moment.

That is the way of motherhood. We make plans, and lists, set up play dates, and give our kids great “learning” activities, and in the end, sometimes they just want us. They do not care if we have dishes to do, dinner to make, or emails to answer. They want us to stop what we are doing and be present. I heard a wonderful talk once about how Jesus’ whole life was one of interruptions. He wants to go to a mountain and pray, people follow Him and ask him a million questions. He decides to go out on a boat and preach, and masses of people gather on the shore to hear Him speak. Even when Jesus wants a moment, just to connect with the Father, He is still being interrupted by, what seem to ME, to be very annoying questions and requests. However, Christ doesn’t see it that way. He does not see those people who seek Him as “interruptions”, He sees their need for Him to be PRESENT. I am sure that Christ had many things He wanted to bring before God. Jesus had plans. He knew His purpose, and wanted to fulfill God’s will in every way. And Jesus Christ did just that. By ALLOWING those “interruptions” to be the work of His life. He had a sense of what was needed, and always paused to encounter those before him intimately.

I love, LOVE the story of the hemorrhaging woman. Here is this woman who had been hemorrhaging for YEARS. Scripture tell us in Mark 5: 25-35, that she had been bleeding for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS. Scripture also tells us that she had endured much at the hands of “many physicians”. I can imagine, if I was in her situation, that I would feel BEYOND desperate for healing. We know that Jesus is passing through the city, and that a great crowd has gathered to see Him, we don’t know if he is planning on staying in that town, or what His original purpose was for entering that town. We also know is that this woman, in her GREAT faith, knows that if she simply TOUCHES His garment, she will be healed. Her deep faith in Christ’s healing power is enough to give her the courage it takes to just reach out. Instantly she is healed. Jesus knows that power has left Him and asks who touched Him. This woman, fearful, steps forward and admits what she has done. Jesus does not chastise her for interrupting his plans. He does not act annoyed or frustrated with her. He looks intently at her and is present in that moment of great healing with her. Mark 5:34, “Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.” He calls her daughter, and gives her peace.

This is the approach we, as mothers, need to take with our little ones. I know that our time is precious and we have so much to do. I get caught up in the endless list making as well. But when our children reach out to us, in need of love and healing, are we taking the time to stop whatever we are doing, and simply give them that moment? Are we living in the present with them? Because the reality is that our children are not interruptions in our life, they are part of God’s great purpose for our life.

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