Blessings upon blessings

We are already deep into October! I cannot believe it. We are going into the month of November with grateful hearts! The holidays are, for me, the best time to express my gratitude, and I encourage you to join me! Every day, during my meals I will reflect and add one thing I am thankful for in my gratitude journal. Each week for the month of November I will blog about the things I have been most grateful for that week.

It can be so hard to remember gratitude. Especially when your kids are small and have not mastered the words “thank you” yet. Motherhood can feel like a thankless job and that can take a toll on us. We can start to resent the work we have been blessed with, or worse, we can start to resent the people entrusted to our care. Many times, we can find that we are comparing ourselves to other moms. We can think they have the perfect marriage, gorgeous house, amazing career, tons of money, or flawless body, and that can really damage what could be a great mom friendship! Gratitude is a way to combat those temptations towards dissatisfaction, coveting, and envy.

This is a major reason that we want to focus on gratitude. Not only because Thanksgiving is around the corner, but because sometimes the holidays can be stressful, and we can forget what motherhood is really about. Motherhood is about blessings.

The blessing of our husbands. Flawed as they may be, they are in the trenches with us, supporting us, loving us at our worst, and picking up pizza on the way home from work when we burn the chicken beyond recognition. (that’s not just me, right??!)

The blessing of our children. They are more joy than strife. We know that, even when we are exhausted and cannot possibly do one more load of laundry. They are sweet, and kind, honest, and innocent. They are the purest example of God’s love for us.

The blessing of our home. Be it vast, or small, we are able to create a safe place for our families, where we can celebrate together, become holy together, snuggle together, and laugh together. It is a roof and four walls, and it does not matter if it is perfectly decorated or not, we have the gift of filling it with love and kindness, and endless amounts of cookies.

The more we begin LOOKING for those blessings, the more we will realize that those blessings are everywhere. That God the Father is constantly showering us with those blessings, big and small, on a daily basis. If writing in the gratitude journal 3 times a day seems too hard, aim for once a day! Just join us! When we start to see the true, good, and beautiful, we can start to show others the true, good, and beautiful!

The Lord will never be outdone in generosity! We know that this is true at all times. Join A Mom Revolution as we seek to encounter Christ in the every day!

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